Confessions of a proud Prateek Kuhad stan!

📅 2020-08-08 • 2 min read

I adore Prateek Kuhad so much. And before you ask, yes, I am a sapiosexual. I have his posters hanging in my bedroom. I play Kuhad when I am in a state of eternal bliss after getting a chicken dinner in PUBG mobile. I play Kuhad when I am feeling blue because I got a zero in my history test. And I will play Kuhad during sex once I become an adult and get married. It's not just his voice that pleases my soul but his music, too... that makes my bowel movement so smooth.


I cringe on people when they can't understand how "cold/mess" is a poetic genius. They talk about some Tupac Shakur being a lyrical genius. I read that he was some gangster who rapped about social issues. I mean can't they even see it's an oxymoron LMAO.


They tell me I just listen to Kuhad to impress girls. As if Prateek Kuhad's music is not "manly enough" for 15-year-old boys, haan? Now you will also say that his music is not versatile. He just makes the same song again and again and sells it in new packaging. I mean why stop there? Just go ahead claim that he and Billie Eilish are the same people just because they both whisper words and not actually sing them. Huh! Kids.


I pity people who do not understand Kuhad's art because they will never know the power of pure love and music. I wish I can show them things which can only be felt. I think it's too late for them. Anyway, me and the boys gonna listen to Kuhad on discord now. Goodbye. And rap is not music.

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