Warm Take - Anurag Kashyap & #MeToo

📅 2020-09-21 • 2 min read

I am writing these things while I am really drunk. So, you can blame my grammar on Kingfisher Ultra. Lotsa news and #MeToo has surfaced again.

One thing I tell you about MeToos, it’s important to have a good hold on the language if you want to accuse someone of sexual misconduct.

There was a time when they said believe every woman, so we believed it. Now, they suddenly did a u-turn and said, “believe every woman, except some bitches”. Let me be very clear, I am pretty fucking sure that this is propaganda, Rhea is already in, and if there is no stupid news in the market, they will have to talk about GDP and shit. IPL and a Metoo accusation on the director should take care of it.

I really thought IPL would do it alone but no. But this is not an article thrashing the right. I actually want to piss on the left’s hypocrisy. Before you ask my political affiliation, let me tell you I lean towards my own version of the truth. My political alignment is narcissism.

I feel if you have any sense of empathy, then you give a fuck about giving a fuck. You care about caring, and you know the rest of blah blah. The thing is, somewhere we all feel morally poor. I do, and I hope that you do too. And when a general man who hasn’t achieved more than being able to pay the rent of a house and engage in bevdabaazi on a weekend, I feel obliged to get this morality from somewhere else.

When you are speaking and working for the general good and you are at it, I lose my critical thinking and you become my messiah. But you fucked up. How am I supposed to take you seriously, if you don’t see your own flaws? Why does the narrative of believing every woman changes if it’s on you? Again, I am not accusing you of a MeToo thingy, I believe that the accusation on you is bullshit propaganda and is maligning the movement.

I am just accusing of not letting the whole world know that you fucked up. Swarms of people will come to cover for you giving how beautiful a soul you possess if there is a bullshit allegation on you but nothing similar would happen for a common man.

You can’t set rules for us if they don’t apply to you.

I don’t want much, just a declaration, “We fucked up, and we are sorry for that and we do have the courage to address it”.

  • By Pseudoku

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